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What is a VPN? 

VPN is an innovation used to shield your online traffic from sneaking around. Envision a protected passage that conceals your information from the eyes of your Internet supplier, Wi-Fi neighbors and programmers. Pages you visit, pictures you download are scrambled by VPN burrow and unscrambled distinctly on your gadget. 

VPN is generally utilized for security purposes by organizations, companies, governments and the military. 

Seed4.Me stuffed VPN innovation in a basic, simple to-utilize VPN application for every one of your gadgets. 


Seed4.Me VPN is a simple app that helps you to:

— Unblock websites

— Surf anonymously online

— Protect traffic from hackers and provider

— Hide real IP

40+ VPN locations
Our network constantly grows, we have physically located servers in 40+ countries. Each location has a redundant number of nodes and forms a fault-tolerant system.


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