Nord VPN free subscription during the pandemic

Overall isolates and lockdowns constrained teachers online in 2020. The pandemic introduced another time of far off picking up, expanding the danger of cyberattacks to scholastic associations and their staff. That is the reason, recently, NordVPN offered free online security instruments to instructors across the globe. As we head into 2021 and Covid cases keep on spiking, we're venturing up indeed.

NordVPN offering 6 months of free NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker for universities and institutions of higher education affected by the pandemic.

Who is eligible

In case you're a teacher working in a nation under lockdown or other genuine Covid-related limitations, you are qualified to apply. You'll simply have to give a work email (individual email addresses are not acknowledged), a connection to your manager's site, and your staff profile (if accessible on the web). 

Given the foundation you work to has been affected by a lockdown, we'll do what we can to guarantee you remain secure while you proceed with your priceless work. 

Apply go to this link

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