DITO begins friendly user tests!

DITO Telecommunity Corp, the third telco in the Philippines, is planning a Friendly User Test for its launch in the region (FUT).

It is currently running some experiments on targeted areas as reported on its Facebook page. Actually, DITO FUT SIM cards and smartphone applications are solely available to test participants, including certain DITO workers and their pre-selected partners.

DITO further indicated that for purchase and download, the SIM cards and the app are not available.

Also, in the first quarter of 2021, DITO announced its launch.

Photo Credits to facebook.com/DITO.ph

Only pre-identified testers will have access to the DITO FUT SIM card and mobile app and will not be available for purchase and download.
Previously, under a 25-year legislative franchise extension, the House of Representatives approved the country's third major telecommunications activity, DITO Telecommunity Corp.
DITO Telecommunity Corp is an Udenna Corp telecommunication consortium operated by businessman Dennis Uy of Davao City. Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. and China Telecom are its subsidiaries.

source: yugatech.com

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