Icafe8 9170 Free Download 2021

A diskless workstation or PC on a local-area network (LAN) is a computer system that does not have its own disk. Instead, it stores files on a network file server.

Icafe8 9170 Free Download 2021

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9170Release Notes

9170 startup troubleshooting (read before upgrading):

1. Before the upgrade of version 9150 and below, it is recommended to open the super tube first to reduce the chance of failing to start after the upgrade

2. At present, some old mirrors have blue screens and cannot be started after the upgrade. It is recommended to replace the latest mirrors. Please use the new version of the "mirror creation tool" to make the mirrors for each universal package.

3. When the card Loading MBR!!! appears after the upgrade, you need to mount the disk and replace the diskless/res/bootmgr file to the root directory of the mount drive letter 

4. The boot animation function is no longer supported

5. Comprehensively improve the compatibility of win10 and UEFI boot

2020.12.30 update instructions: 

1. Fix the problem of server installation error in some environments

2. Optimize console interaction


 2020.08.19 update instructions:

1. Three-tier update: Adjust the upload speed limit and download speed limit to be consistent, and solve the problem of too large uploads in Internet cafes with small bandwidth that cannot be limited

2. Diskless startup: the client startup adds the "Loading MBR!!!" logo to quickly locate the problem

3. Motherboard PNP: Optimized some AMD motherboard USB driver support

4. Mainboard PNP: The mainboard PNP function automatically exits under win10

5. Volume setting: Fix the problem that the volume cannot be adjusted under win10

6. Boot command: optimize the effective speed of the client when adding or modifying boot commands

7. Client menu: menu performance, visual optimization, improve user experience

2020.08.07 update instructions:

1.  Optimize the compatibility of win10 2004 support

2.  Optimize the diskless client program to solve the problem that GPU scaling does not take effect randomly

3.  Optimize UEFI boot logic to solve the problem that some images cannot be booted by UEFI

4.  Optimize the game synchronization program to solve the problem of game synchronization failure in some environments

5. During the  boot process, cancel the red font

 2020.07.16 update instructions:

1. Fix the problem that the personalized game effect application fails in some environments, and the game startup error report

2. Fix the issue of UEFI reporting errors when single mirror configuration is under certain environments

2020.07.15 update instructions:

1. Added support for UEFI booting under multi-mirror configuration, win7 does not support UEFI temporarily


2020.07.14 update instructions:

[Strengthen safety protection]

1. For the upload function of game effects, strengthen password verification to prevent brute force cracking

2. Strengthen the self-protection of the server program and reduce the risk of virus attack

3. Optimize the right-click display of the client tray to reduce the risk of information leakage

4. Cancel the super-management function from the client to prevent the mirror from being maliciously damaged


[Core performance optimization]

1. The game sync speed has increased by more than 200%

2. Optimize the graphics card PNP function to improve stability

3. UEFI supports NTFS boot, no need to use UEFI image conversion tool

4. Fully supports Win10 2004 version mirroring, with lower performance consumption and smoother game running

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