Tips in Lyka apps how to earn more gems

The new Social Interaction Platform that compensates you for your info, images, videos, ratings, and time will help you optimize your earnings on LYKA; these tips and tricks of the trade.

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1. Post daily

The more you post the more you will earn:

Unfortunately, this would go without saying, the poor content is rated down, goes away and is no longer shown. More will be seen, and thus earns the most, original high quality content that gets scored higher.

2. Don’t ask for ratings or gems

Asking for likes in a post is clearly a bad piece of material and would be voted down. It'll really affect your earning potential. Posting only good content and quality would optimize gains.

3. Start a community or two

In his voice, Ryan discusses this. It's vision and content. Find people who love your culture. LYKA uses big data analytics to optimize benefit for quality content creators running authentic communities, according to Ryan's speech at the World Economic Forum:

4. Follow Ryan

Comment/Like/Share the content of Ryan Baird on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Focus_on_risk on Twitter and on Twitter and On Lyka, @Work_LYKA_Boss.

For feedback and stuff that he likes, he has been known to send people $10, $88, $100, $888, $8,888 or $10,000. There were thousands of people who made money this way. However, mainly on LYKA, individuals have also won on all of Ryan's social media.

5. Recruit people to follow you on Lyka

When people discover that they can gain money by using social media, they will try it out and when they engage with your quality content, you can make more money.

6. Use Lyka gems at Lyka’s community of merchants

The merchants of Lyka aim to repost high quality material. You can see an increase in your users and gain more cash if you make the content.

7. Post your Lyka content on other social media apps and direct users to Lyka

The more followers you have the more you can earn!

8. Specialize in a topic

You will broaden your community and increase your chances of earning more gems if you specialize in a subject.

9. Organize events

You will draw more followers if you plan activities, which will give you more gems. Even if your events start small, they will eventually expand and increase your following after a few months.... which will earn you more gems.


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