Tutorial website or blog instant approve on Adsense

Why you should choose AdSense on your websites, here is my argument why we should have Adsense instead of other network ads.

  • High Fillrate (ads will be shown to all visitor and never get "Default" ads) that's mean you get higher chance to make money
  • High CPM
  • Work with all type of visitor (anything includes gender, demographic, etc)
  • Even higher CPM if your visitor has personalized ads

This is my justification for using Adsense. Now we're going to talk about how to get Adsense approval on any platform
Memo. Note. And if I say Any Pages, it doesn't mean ANY SITES, but you have to do your best to make your websites as good as possible and google doesn't break any rules.
Not only do I do regular blogging stuff in the last year 2020, but I also "selling google Adsense account" because I approve google Adsense this moment, so I want to share it with you. With that previous experience, I note some important aspects that Google will consider and consider whether your website is approved or rejected.

1. Main NAV
Typically the main nav will be positioned below the site title, but you can position it anywhere, depending on the template of your pages. But YOU NEED The MAIN NAV is the point I want to make, and you have to put your main tag/category on it,

2. SideBar
Perhaps people's stuff this won't be the reason why their Adsense rejected it, but I think this has a big role to play... You know, when your sites are accepted by Adsense, the Google team will inspect every part of your sites to think and choose where the great place to display their ads, so if your sidebar "full" or looks bad when you enter your sites to Adsense, your risk of being rejected will be higher.

3. Contact Page
Here, on that page, you MUST put your contact email (working) to make the website appear legit on google Adsense, moreover, you MUST write down, your exact location that can be pinned down on maps by Google AdSense, for example on your house or shop, so you can use your house address on the contact page. This is vital for Google, plus I put a contact form on there, so if you didn't have a legit contact page, then the risk of Google rejecting would increase.

4. About, TOS, and page on the privacy policy
I hope you understand what the point of this and make sure you write about your language page, for example on me, about the Filipino language page, but you need to write that in ENGLISH if TOS and Privacy Policy. Basic English is simple. (Try your hardest not to paste copies from other websites)

5. Proper Nav Footer (optional)
Some of the templates already have a footer, but if you have no footer, you can use email, about, TOS, and privacy policy to fill it in.

You need to make the pages more credible after you have all of this on your sites now. Through updating the website every day, you can do that. (Min 2 post daily). If you're lazy, you can still have no Adsense on the website of AGC others (you can enter your country's Facebook blogger community or something like that) and after you find some nice website with a lot of posts and have a minimum picture on their pages, you can start doing AGC and set it to post every 2 posts per day.

You should send your pages to Google Adsense after you have completed all of this.
You MUST HAVE 500+ VISITOR PER DAY, some other important stuff, and you can archive it by using https://hitleap.com/ (setting your daily view to 2k visitor per day)
Using a domain name that does not have more than 8 characters + at least 5 months indexed on Google 2 more stuff to make your sites more legit is
For example, you have a matamuasu.web.id domain that would be harder for Google to accept since you have a long name on your domain. But if you prefer... if you have You will be protected with matamu.web.id (the TLD or CC-TLD not counted) so the letter matamu will only be 6 characters.

About the domain age, I think this is also very relevant because I checked 6 sites in 2020 to apply and all of them are new sites, the result is only 1 Google accepted. But after August 2020, (5 months and some of them also have 6 months of domain age and google indexed) I re-submit my website, and google approved all of it.

I hope you get an idea in every step I describe on this page, this tutorial will be working and helpful for you. Thank you!!!

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