APK V2ray Panel by ShadowsocksPH - Multi-Protocol and Multi-User

Support multi-protocol multi-user v2ray panel
Visit the sourc code of sprov https://github.com/sprov065/v2-ui

sprov-ui has been released in February, and it has been almost half a year now, and it has been stopped for a while. After that, I will not return to sprov-ui, but make a new one. The main reason is that sprov-ui uses the Java language, which has a high memory footprint and is not very friendly to low-memory machines. So this time to write in Python, the memory usage will be significantly improved, and Python is still more suitable for writing such gadgets than Java.

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  • System status monitoring
  • Supports multi-user and multi-protocol, browser visual operation, no need to type commands
  • Supported protocols: vmess, shadowsocks, dokodemo-door, socks, http
  • Transmission configuration supported by vmess: tcp (http camouflage, tls), kcp (camouflage), ws (tls), http (tls), quic (tls)
  • Support account traffic statistics
  • Support custom v2ray configuration template
  • Support https access panel (you need to bring your own domain name + ssl certificate)

Download APK: GoogleDrive

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