How to hack PLDTWIFI Default Password

This tutorial is how to get the WIFI Password of your  neighbor's

Here is the step how to do it

Please Read Carefully to avoid asking or error.

Default Wifi Password for PLDT HOME DSL

This guide will work on PLDTHOMEDSL, PLDTmyDSLPAL, and PLDTmyDSLBiz.

Download the Wifi Analyzer program (Android)

Get the Mac Address of your target Wifi.

Take the last five digits of your MAC Address. If you MAC is 00:4a:00:d0:44:c0, get 044C0. Convert all letters to upper case.

Combine PLDTWIFI + 5 digit MAC. Your password will be PLDTWIFI044C0.

Default Wifi Password for PLDTHOMEDSLxxxxx

Some PLDT HOME DSL wifis have their MAC address as a suffix.

Make sure that the suffix only contains numbers.

Take those five-digit numbers and multiple them by 3. Example, PLDTHOMEDSL12345, take 12345 x 3 = 37035.

Your password will be PLDTWIFI37035.

Default Wifi Password for PLDTHOMEFIBR_xxxxxx

Make sure the SSID has an underscore since there is another similar SSID without the underscore.

Take the xxxxxx portion of the SSID and convert them with the table below.

0 = f 1 = e 2 = d 3 = c

4 = b 5 = a 6 = 9 7 = 8

8 = 7 9 = 6 a = 5 b = 4

c = 3 d = 2 e = 1 f = 0

For example, if we have PLDTHOMEFIBR_cdf123, then we take cdf123 and convert them with the table above. That will give us 320edc.

Now attach the resulting conversion to WLAN (WLAN + converted code). Your password will be wlan320edc.

Default Wifi Password for PLDTHOMEFIBRxxxxxx

Make sure the SSID does not contain an underscore else, follow the previous guide.

Get the code that represents the xxxxxx in the SSID.

Follow the conversion in the previous guide.

Attach the converted code into PLDTWIFI.

If your SSID is PLDTHOMEFIBR_cdf123, your password will be PLDTWIFI320edc. Take note of the capitalization of the password; the code should be in lowercase while PLDTWIFI is in uppercase.

Default Wifi Password for HomeBro_Ultera

Please see the first guide on how to obtain the MAC Address of your target wifi network.

Take the last five characters of the MAC address; for example, if we have 00:4a:00:d0:44:c0, get 044C0.

Attach the previous code as a suffix in “HomeBro_.”

Your password will be HomeBro_044C0. Codes are in uppercase format.


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