Free Tiktok for Smart/TNT promos

Smart has launched its FREE TikTok For All promo, which gives users free TikTok access ranging from 1GB per day to limitless when they sign up for specific Smart Prepaid and TNT offers.

How can I sign up for Smart/Free TNT's TikTok For Everyone?

  •  Log in to your GigaLife app and choose the "Free TikTok For All" tile.
  • Choose from among the Giga offers.
  • Tap the Subscribe button.
  • Enjoy your free access to TikTok.
Customers can also enroll in the promotion by phoning *123# and selecting FREE TikTok For All from the menu.

The following is a list of qualified promos for the TikTok For All promotion:

Free 1GB/day for TikTok
Giga Power+ 99
Giga Video 99
Giga Stories 99
Giga Games 1 99
Giga Games 2 99
All Data 99

Unli TikTok
Giga Power 149
Giga Power 499
Giga Power+ 199
Giga Power+ 699
Giga Video 299
Giga Video+ 149
Giga Video+ 449
Giga Stories 299
Giga Stories+ 149
Giga Stories+ 449
Giga Games 1 299
Giga Games 2 299
All Data 299
All Data+ 149
All Data+ 499

The number of times a subscriber can register for this offer is unlimited. Any other deal from the same brand may be used by any individual.

When you use one offer that includes 1GB TikTok per day and another that includes Unli TikTok per day, the duration of the Free TikTok will be determined by the validity of the promos you used. When the unlimited version is used, it will be the first to run out.

Use the USSD code *123# to learn more about the current Smart and TNT promotions. Contact their customer support hotline at *888 for assistance with your promo issues.

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