How to hack Piso Wi-Fi no need to insert coin

The Piso Wi-Fi Vending Machine is a gadget that offers a cheap internet connection. The machine is simple to set up and use, and it can connect up to 100 users with a range of 100 meters. It may also be extended by purchasing the Wi-Fi extender add-on.

You can access Piso Wi-Fi without a password but you can't use it, you need  1 peso coin or 5 peso coin to access the internet.

The question is how to connect without using a coin?

This is the app that works on Piso Wi-Fi, OPEN TUNNEL, HTTP Injector, and HTTP Custom you can search on the Google Play store and download it. Slow DNS is the most used free internet app in different countries because of its DNS Protocol which is not usually blocked by ISPs, although the speed is not so fast compared to UDP, HTTP, TCP or SSL powered free internet but it’s manageable and very good if you are on the 4G network, and provides free internet access for different users for basic internet access(browsing, chatting) and even for streaming in some cases. other DNS protocol VPNs include Tunnel Cat, Your Freedom VPN, Hammer VPN, etc., you can give them a try too

Download the configuration file

Pisowifi1 TNL
Pisowifi2 HC
Pisowifi3 TNL

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