How to openline ZLT S10G version 2.10.1

This method works on computers only

After openline yu can change Band and Cell ID locking

1. Goto Network and Internet
2. Click Ethernet and Change adapter options

3. Click Network and Properties

4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties

5. Use the following IP Address Subnet mask: Gateway:

6. Open Mozilla Firefox if you don't have you can download it here
Type in browser

7. Login using user for a user and @l03e1t3 for a password

8. Press F12 on your keyboard Goto network select one file

9. Select Headers and Click Edit and Resend

10. Make sure the file is stating isTest

11. Change get to set  copy this code isTest=false&goformId=send_at_tools&url=AT+%26%26+telnetd+-p+23+-l+%2Fbin%2Fsh and replace request body and click send

12. Open tftpd64 Application
13. Open putty Application in hostname type select others and click open

14. You will see the dos command and paste this code mkdir /mnt/a

mount -t ubifs ubi0:rootfs /mnt/a

cd /mnt/a/sbin

tftp -g -r sbin.tgz

tar -zxvf sbin.tgz

rm sbin.tgz

cd /mnt/a/etc_ro/default

tftp -g -r default_parameter_user

tftp -g -r default_parameter_sys

cd /yaffs

tftp -g -r apply_config.conf

at_cmd at+zreset


to paste just click right-click on your mouse
after that, you can see a reboot and hit enter

15. Enjoy you can use any sim, change band and cell id locking.

For educational purpose only Thank you

Download Link:

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