How to register for TNT FB10 using *123#

FB10 TNT is a low-cost data promotion that gets you three days of Facebook for only 10php. To enjoy this, you must first understand the FB10 TNT Register process. You may find information on how to register FB10 in TNT  via text in this article. TNT allows you to use Facebook even if you don't have a mobile data plan. On the other side, free Facebook has a lot of restrictions, including the inability to view photographs or videos. If you want to browse photos and videos on Facebook and call your friends on Messenger, you'll need to sign up for a data plan like TNT FB10.

 Need Regular 10 Pesos Load

1. Press the CALL button after dialing *123#.

2. You'll notice the USSD code is active... message.

3. A menu will display; go to number 6 on the menu, Other Offers. Press OK/Enter/Send after typing number 6.

4. A new menu will emerge, and you'll want to look for FB, which is number 5. Press OK/Enter/Send after typing number 5.

5. Find 10 for FB10 and 50 for FB50 on the following menu. Number one is FB10, so type it in and hit Send.

6. Find Subscribe, which is number one, for the final stage. To get the FB10 discount, type 1 and press Send.

7. Now all you have to do is wait for a confirmation mail stating that you have successfully taken advantage of the promotion.

How to Register FB10 in TNT 2021 via Text?

To begin, text FB10 to 4545. Make sure you have at least a 10php balance. After registering, you will receive a text confirmation.


FB10 is Valid for 3days

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