How to use the Points Gigalife app to redeem Magic Data 99

You can redeem the Magic Data 99 if you have enough points in your GigaLife app. This offer is fantastic because the 2 GB of data does not expire. It's worth 99 GigaPoints because it's Magic Data 99. Before redeeming the offer, make sure you have at least 99 points. To get started with your free Magic Data 99, follow the steps below.

How to use the Points Gigalife app to redeem Magic Data 99

1. On the GigaLife app, sign in to your account.
2. Press the Gift box icon when you're near Points.

3. Your current Points will be displayed on the inside. To continue, press All Items.

4. Press View All Items after scrolling/swiping down.

5. Locate and press Magic Data 99 within All Items.

6. Press the Redeem with 99 Points button in the Redeem Magic Data 99, 2 GB Magic Data (no expiry) for all sites section.

7. To complete the purchase, wait a few seconds. Your phone will receive an SMS confirming the successful redemption of Magic Data 99.

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8. After successful redemption, you'll receive a message that says, "Enjoy your reward!" Magic Data 99 2 GB (non-expiring) Magic Data for all sites. 99 GigaPoints were redeemed. You have XX.xx GigaPoints left. will appear. Press Close to continue.

9. Now press the Home button. You will see that you have successfully subscribed to the Magic Data 99 (non-expiring) offer.

10. Enjoy your Magic Data 99

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