Facebook Launches New Feeds and Home Tabs

According to parent company Meta on Thursday, Facebook is introducing new Home and Feed tabs.

Because Facebook is becoming more of a "discovery engine through more recommendations on the Home tab," according to Meta, the new tabs will make it simpler for users to manage what they see on the social network.

Credits to Mark Zuckerberg

The Feeds tab will now be a place to view the most recent posts from friends, pages, groups, and Favorites. The new Home tab will be the main screen you initially see when you open Facebook to find new material. Favorite is a feature that allows you to construct a list of the articles you wish to prioritize in your feeds. On the new Feeds page, there won't be any "recommended for you" posts, but there will be advertisements. You can browse reels, articles, and personalized recommendations on the new Home tab.

On their shortcut bar, some users may start to notice Feeds as a tab as early as Thursday, and the update is anticipated to roll out globally over the following week.

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