How to know Wi-Fi password using your android app

This is only for those who are already connected to a neighbor's or friend's wi-fi

The old way to access the wi-fi password was to root the cellphone and the new one now is to scan the QR code, but you still need another phone to scan the password.

Now what we will use is an app on the Play Store, the name of the app is QuickShortcutMaker.

Download Link: QuickShortcutMaker.

1. Open QuickShortcutMaker app

2. Find Settings

3. Click  Settings - Save Networks

4. Click Try

5. Select the wi-fi you are connected to

6. Click Share

7. Done, Now you can see the password

You can also watch this tutorial from TRiCKsPH

Thank you, I hope it was helpful
For Educational Purposes only.

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