How to openline B310As-938 Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi

This method works on computers only

Tools needed:
  • USB Data Cable
  • Soldiering Iron
  • Soldiering Lead
  • LAN Cable

1. Backup IMEI, SN, SSID, WIFI KEY, LAN MAC you can see the details on your modem bottom

Save to your computer notepad, LAN Mac address you can manually copy.
Go to your browser and type and log in, select device information you can see LAN Mac Address.

2.  Unscrew your modem ( Note: Turn off your modem )
Check the version of your modem version A or B.

To identify the version check image below.

Version A -  Sticker

Version B - Printed

3. Open your Computer or Laptop and Download the Firmware

Download link: B310as-938 Firmware

4. Connect Data Cable to your modem ( Note: Make sure you have a standard Data Cable)

Cut the red color see the image below

There are 3 colors we can use to flash the firmware Green, White, and Black.

Connect the data cable according to the color see the picture below and Connect the USB data cable to the Laptop or PC.

5. Short the pin and Plug the power adaptor

You can use any metal to short before plugging the power adaptor

Note: Make sure you already connected  the data cable to your laptop or pc

6. Install ADB Drivers and HUAWEI Drivers

Check drivers if suceffuly installed go to Device Manager you can see in Port the device is already connected

7. Open the program B310As-938 Ver. B CELL ID Locking Firmware 2020.exe
Right click and Run as Administrator

Waiting to Reboot

Press any key to exit

After reboot, you can see 3 led lights now you can remove the Power adaptor and data cable.

8. Upload the IMEI, SN, SSID, WIFI KEY, and LAN MAC

Plug the LAN cable and power adaptor

Goto your Files Open Puty

Type 192.168.1 and tick Telnet and click Open

Copy the backup info and paste it looks like this picture below make sure the underscore sign in SSID is changed to Dash sign.

Copy the first line and paste it into putty and hit enter
Make sure the OK means successfully change

Copy the second line and paste, you can do it one by one to copy and paste after that you can see like this below

Now you successfully software reset.

9. Hardware reset
Use screwdriver wait for 3 seconds press and reset the modem, you can see the light flashing, and release the screwdriver.

10. Open browser type

The default user and password are admin

Enjoy your B310As-938 is Openline!!!

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