A Dynamic Island feature similar to the iPhone 14 Pro could arrive on Realme smartphones

The selfie camera and facial recognition cutouts are cleverly hidden on Apple's iPhone 14 Pro, but the company has also found a method to make that space useful for the user interface. Many people are interested in "Dynamic Island," and it appears that some Android manufacturers want to create their own versions of the functionality.

A version of Dynamic Island for its Android phones has been announced very explicitly by Realme, a sub-brand of Oppo, over the previous few days.

Realme "challenges" its users in a forum post to help build a "Realme Island" that extends from the hole-punch selfie camera. This area, which changes size and shape from around the camera, might be used to "show incoming phone calls, alarms, notifications, and more," according to the firm.

It sounds a lot like Apple is using the Dynamic Island in a similar way, but perhaps with more central items displaying in that UI. The Dynamic Island on iPhones displays information like as minimized app views, currently playing music, and more; but, the Android version of Realme would undoubtedly be used more frequently.

In a Weibo post (via Gadgets360), Xiaomi President Lu Weibing also acknowledged a customer request for a "Smart Island" feature; however, the business has not made any clear intentions to implement a Dynamic Island clone.

Given that the majority of contemporary Android phones already have a comparable, but much smaller cutout on the display, it should not be surprising that manufacturers of Android devices are working to replicate Apple's new feature.

To that purpose, there have already been a number of fan-made mods for Android that give the operating system a Dynamic Island feel. It just remains to be seen who will formally implement this feature first at this time.

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