Band Locking Firmware for the PLDT R051 and SMARTBRO R051 and Disabling Firmware OTA Updates via TELNET


 Are you using this modem and want to apply band locking follow this tutorial.

1. Make sure you have this version, PLDT R051 V010.1.1, V011 and V012.1

To check your version go to browser and type hit enter, login user and password


2. Add Restman Extension in Google chrome or microsoft Edge


Click Restman

3. Copy this code and paste to POST


4. Copy this code and paste to Body

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?> <RGW><param><method>call</method><session>000</session><obj_path>wireless</obj_path><obj_method>wifi_ate_enable</obj_method></param></RGW>


5. Click triangle icon


make sure you have 200Status or OK

 6. Download Putty

Open Putty


Type Port 23 select  Other Telnet


7. Type root for user and $Passworld143 for Password and hit Enter


Copy this code and paste in putty depend on your version

Note: Make sure you have internet in your SIM

pldthome_r051 - PLDT R051 V010.1.1 (PLDT Version ng R051)
wget -O - | sh
smartbro_r051old - Smartbro R051 V011 (SmartBro Version ng R051 yung old dashboard kagaya ng sa PLDT Home)
wget -O - | sh
smartbro_r051new - Smartbro R051 V012.1 (SmartBro Version ng R051 yung new dashboard)
wget -O - | sh


wait until it reboot....

8. Refresh your browser or go to

Login the default user and password  smartbro


 Change default password  and user


 9. After all steps you can now set or change Band depends on your location.

This is the alternative link of all codes

Restman R051 Open Telnet Code:

R051 Band Locking Firmware and Disable Firmware OTA Updates: Updated 06-21-2022:


For Educational Purposes only thank you

source: Jhowel Gracio Huerto

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