How to Open-line ZLT S12 Pro - 1 Click Openline, Super Admin access with APN settings


1. Install Tampermonkey in your browser. Here's a link for chrome/edge and here's for firefox

2. Just click on this link and then press "Install" when it appears.

3. Login to the admin account.
4. Above the logout button you should see an open-line and super-admin button.
5. Press the button depending on what you want to do.
6. If you are online, restart the device. After that, you can immediately put a SIM of another network on the device.

When you press open-line, a pop-up should appear, then in super-admin, a pop-up with credentials should appear.

The open-line is not permanent and you have to do the tut again when the modem is reset, but with this method you can go open-line by yourself.



  •     IMEI changer
  •     Full superadmin with hidden settings revealed
  •     Openline
  •     Disable TR069 (incl. with superadmin button)
  •     Unlock all bands (incl. with unlock button)
  •     4G/3G prefer/only modes (incl. with unlock button)


For Educational Purposes only thank you.

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